The Regent Experience

An Unrivaled Experience

Regent Seven Seas Cruises® delivers a truly all-inclusive experience from the unrivaled comfort and space of The World’s Most Luxurious Fleet™. Regent’s personalized service attends to every detail while immersing your clients in more than 500 ports of call around the globe. Every trip they take is a gift of opportunities, each an invitation to connect with the people and places they encounter.

New and far-flung regions and favorite ports of call hide wonders awaiting your clients’ discovery. They begin each day with a new vista from their private balcony and enrich their perspective with knowledgeable insights from onboard speakers and local guides as they tour, taste and savor each magnificent locale. Opportunities abound to relax and rejuvenate at the spa or recline by the pool and laugh in the company of new and old friends as the journey becomes its own destination.

The Regent experience goes beyond abundant personal space on board and the thousands of included shore excursions to enjoy in every region of the world. It goes beyond culinary engagements delivering epicurean perfection and having every luxurious amenity at guests’ beck and call.

It goes beyond each of these by including all of them and much more, creating moments that invite guests to live life to the fullest, with each new moment being more unforgettable than the last.

Discover exciting cruise and service details within this guide, then join Regent Seven Seas Cruises® in creating An Unrivaled Experience® for your clients.

A Special Message to Travel Advisors from Regent Seven Seas Cruises


Dear Travel Partners:

We provide your clients with An Unrivaled Experience to rejuvenate and enrich their lives and the lives of the people and places visited by our fleet. That is at the heart of what we do. Our passion is in hosting our guests on a journey that feels effortless and personal, filled with luxury and punctuated by elation.

We want your clients to feel like our only guest, free to do as they like and cared for beyond all expectations. Let us tend to their every want and whim so that they may enjoy the pinnacle of what travel has to offer, making the most of every moment.

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